Widowed not withered

by Sep 11, 2020

It is a long read that’s a year old but you can read to the end.

Each time I go out to the mission field and return, I become more grateful to God. I meet widows who are unable to pay for proper medical treatment and rather buy from Patent medicine dealers even without any form of tests.

I meet widows who can’t afford basic medicines!!

I meet widows who don’t have befitting clothes to wear, I haVe more clothes than I can ever wear!!

I meet widows with sick children who bring them to us!!

I meet widows who are unable to feed except someone sends help!!

I have met widows who were18, 21, 25 and above, widowed at even younger ages!!!

I have met widows without adequate shelter!!! Widows whose next worry is the rent to pay!!

I have met widows who are sleepless because of school fees!!

I strive with my team to help these widows with partners’ support, but above all, I become a more grateful widow because almost everything that keeps them sleepless, I have!!! Even the ones that threaten my sleep which to these widows are luxury, somehow God provides them!!!

Now, don’t tell me what to do with my life or how to live in this phase called widowhood that I was never prepared for. Allow me to live it as I deem fit because I wear the shoe and know where it pinches!!! Even if you are also widowed, we are still different because I was not married to your husband and your children aren’t mine!!!!

I have made a choice to be grateful and I chose to be joyful even in the darkest of nights and deepest of pits!!! If I chose to cry or moan when it hits hard, rather than shut me up and tell me to bear it and be secretive, say nothing, smile at me and take a walk!!! A long walk!!

And if per chance my joy and dancing offends you or your highly exalted office and or personality, then take a walk too, I really feel like asking you to get lost, but I will not. Good girls don’t tell people to get lost!!! I am a good geh!!!

Anyway, I did not chose widowhood but I have chosen to deal with it my own way!!! My own way!!! Not yours!!! And since it’s not your own way, your opinion don’t matter so much! 😂😂😂😂😂

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  1. Blessing Enwa

    Thank you Lord.
    Widowed but not withered.

  2. Mabel

    Exactly! People are quick to dictate how you live your life as widow. I have also learnt that most are not happy that you choose to be happy no matter what. Some one in my place of work told me she doesn’t like what am posting on facebook and I should stop.i told her I have not even started am just warming up. I have choose to be happy no matter my circumstances.

  3. KING Gozie

    Good One mummy,We lost one thing those mean we have to kill ourselves but pick our pieces and move on with smiles.God will not leave us half because he has brought us this far.

  4. Chiokere

    Learning to be grateful when you find yourself in an unfamiliar environment, embracing my new reality and living life the best way I see and deem fit. I’m finding joy in the little things and it doesn’t matter what people think. Thank you.


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