Dany’s diary, in memory of 9/11.

by Sep 11, 2020

As I dressed her up this morning in red top and navy blue pants we had a chat. I explained to her the reason they were asked to wear either white, red or blue top to mark today. I explained to her what happened on September 11th, 2001.
Me: your school is honoring the day and that day in 2001 some people flew some aeroplanes into those kind of tall buildings in Manhattan and killed many people. 
Daniella : what???????? What????? Are they wicked people???
Me: Yes, they were wicked, anyone who could do that must be wicked. 
Daniella: people died? Ohhhh no whyyy??
Me: so the three colors are colors of American flag.
Daniella: Yes, my teacher told me. I am sad now mummy. I will get those people. I must get them!!
Me: they are dead, how can you get them?
Daniella: OK. Don’t forget my egg, snack, yogurt, orange and sandwich.
Me: no!! That’s a whole lot. I won’t give you all of those. You get breakfast and lunch in school and whatever I give you is something to snack on. You get one boiled egg, one orange and a snack.
Daniella: (sobs) I want yogurt. Please mummy. 
Me: No, you get yogurt in your breakfast pack in school. I saw your meal on Thursday. Please don’t start because you won’t like my reaction. I will report you to your Aunty in school.
 Daniella: she’s my teacher!!!! Why do you always call her my aunty? She’s not my aunty OK? OK? OK mummy?
Me: OK. I have heard. In Nigeria we call female teachers Aunty so that’s what I am used to.
Daniella : this is not Nigeria. This is Queens! This is Queens in America. Say it mummy!
Me: this is Queens In America!! (rolling my eyes)
Daniella: say it again.
Me: as per what kwanu? I said it once and thats OK.
Daniella: every day every day you call Ms………… my Aunty. She’s my teacher and Aunt Ify is my Aunty. Oge’s Mummy in Dallas is my Aunty and errrrmmmmm that Aunty that sent me that money. Mummy Where’s the money???? 
Me: Daniella, let’s review your homework. What’s the title of the book we read yesterday? 
Daniella : the princess and the frog…..( She told me the story).
I am back in the kitchen cooking my SJR while she’s seated by the window watching out for the bus. Ekelu ọlụ eke nụ. When the bus pulls up, she alerts me and I take her out. Let me rush down and grab my bra to avoid somethings!!! 
I hope she doesn’t ask about that money again. She’s owing me rent and feeding costs. Nansense and money inquisition!!!

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  1. Chizoba

    Biko don’t change the topic on that money Anty dash Danny. We are keeping record of efiritin o🤩

  2. Chi Okere

    Hmmmm…I disagree with this one. She owes you respect, honor and obedience not rent and feeding cost. I have not repaid my parents the rent, feeding and education cost on my head. Remembering the departed on 9/11, may their loved ones always be comforted. Amen

    • Mabel

      Haha🤣🤣🤣🤣 they don’t forget oo.

      • Ngozi Nduba

        🤣🤣🤣 oooh these children don’t forget, Danny has a retentive memory.

        • Ifeoma

          Where is her money ma? Thanks for sharing and let me grab my bra got me laughing.

    • Nazam Mbanefo

      Remembering those who lost their lives..

    • Uchenna

      To God be the glory gor a brilliant daughter. May God console all the families that lost loved ones in the hand if those wicked people on 9/11

  3. Iphy Doris

    Mummy!!!! Bubu ain’t owing you any rent o!🤣🤣🤣. May the souls of those who departed on the 9/11/2001 continue to rest in peace.🙏🙏🙏

  4. Ngozi Nduba

    May the souls of all the faithful departed, continue to rest in peace.

  5. Zika

    Biko thanks a million!!! As her Accountant we need to receive that amount to document it ohh😂😂😂

    She is such an empath! God bless her ohh!!!😍😍😍

  6. Ebere

    Prayers for the souls that departed on 9/11. Danny does not know that in our clime every female teacher is an aunt.
    In reflection, I believe the aunty and uncle that we use address any adult is the reason that our children’s guards are down and they get abused. We should encourage schools down here to address teachers by their names.

    • Monalisa Chioma Benyeogo

      Hian! Mummy, why are you bringing up another topic. Daniella needs to know where her money is nu nu. 🤣🤣🤣🤣


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