Miracle on the Hudson published in 2014 is a monumental true-life story of one courageous woman’s battles against the guile of the Red Dragon, and the victory of faith over doubt, good over evil.


“You have added value to me and make me laugh in numerous ways. I always look forward to Tuesday nights cos I get lifted and encouraged that I can still make meaningful impacts.Your book, hmmmm.
After reading it, my eyes got open to the fact that I had a vision before I got married and that vision didn’t die but my spouse. It redefined and refined me in numerous ways. Your Friday book reading, it also a life transforming and illuminating one.
I learnt alot on decision making and putting it to work by taking necessary steps.
Your wall, is a place I come to laugh each time I feel depressed or anxious.
How can I forget my first coaching class with you, it’s forever going to be in my memory cos it’s was like hearing directly from the Holy Spirit. The list is endless ma’am. God bless you richly for us.❤❤❤❤❤❤❤” 

Anonymous Benefaciary


Widowhood has been given a bad name for far too long. The picture of a widow, especially in Africa is often that of a lonely, poor, confused, dejected woman with children needing the help, pity or prayer of people. This book seeks to change that narrative from the widow’s perspective so she redefines the society’s perception of her person. It is a simple guide on how widows can arise and be all that God wants them to be.