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Wevolution Coaching Service

I work with the bereaved, especially widows and widowers who are within the first two years of bereavement and lost in grief and facing the challenges of societal stereotypes and who desire to find their voice, own it and use it to help themselves and help others within their sphere of influence. I help them to navigate and evolve and find purpose out of the pain and grief. 

Konz Consulting

Gozie runs Konz Consulting Ltd and Gozie Udemezue Solicitors both based in Enugu. Konz Consulting offers specialized consulting services in legal, estate development and management, international procurement and training. Gozie Udemezue Solicitors is a law firm focused on Human rights litigation and Family law practice.

Public Speaking Engagment

Gozie is an ordained Evangelist and has ministered in Churches and Christian Fellowships across Nigeria, United Kingdom and United States of America. 

She is a renowned global public speaker, covering human rights issues and life. Gozie resides in Enugu, Nigeria with her three amazing children.

Gozie is open to discussions about partnerships, speaking opportunities, and projects that are aligned with her interests.

Online Book Reading Hour

This was initiated by me during the covid lock down and I found myself in New York and unable to leave. People were also home all over the world and it was part of my contribution to add value and keep our brains and mind busy and engaged. Weekly I read from either my own books or books of other authors.

Online Cooking Session

Started in 2018 and teaches how to shop for ingredients and cook traditional Igbo cuisines. I have had students from Europe, America, Nigeria, Canada and United Kingdom. Traditional Igbo meals going into extinction are also brought to the fore and knowledge about it and cooking methods transferred.

Soup Mama Kitchen

Gozie started this business in the year 2015 to prepare and serve organic soups and meals for which the Igbo region of Nigerian is known. The kitchen runs pick up and delivery services of healthy meals prepared with the specific health and nutritional needs of the clients in mind. It is run from my Enugu home kitchen under standard hygienic conditions.

Years in Business

Coaching sessions

happy clients

“Reading from you everyday Ma was a big relieved for me when I loss my Dad on father’s day. The thought of it makes me faint always. But,your wall became my soothing platform and today,I can only imagine death and not fear death. I don’t feel the pains of my father’s death of my anymore. Thanks ma’am for helping me come out of it. God will bless you more. Amen.” 

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I am passionate about helping people especially the widowed and their children thrive in the midst of adversities. I run coaching services where I help my clients (mostly the widowed) to create practical and actionable goals that help them achieve their goals of becoming extraordinary out of their grief. I run coaching packages for those in the first 90 days of bereavement and work further with those in the first five years. Through my programs they find their voice, own it and use it to advocate for themselves and for others. I have  nine (9) certifications in different areas of coaching from three institutes in UK and US.