Surrender All!

by Aug 4, 2020

These pictures were snapped 3 years ago at St. Mathias Anglican Church Enugu. This assignment was one of my toughest but in the midst of it, God gave me peace. I was invited to minister at their Parish Women Conference. Not just the conference but specifically to minister to the widows there. Widows!!! I had accepted this invite before Daniella broke her arm on Democracy day of 2017 and the arm mismanaged by an Orthopedic doctor in Enugu and God bless Dr. Enweani who stepped in as soon as we moved to his hospital and same day we arrived by 6am, he left the village and drove down and took her in for surgery. Well, what could I do? I couldn’t cancel this appointment and I explained to him during our pre surgery meeting and as they they rolled in my warrior for he surgery, I prayed over her and took off to the hospital. I stopped over at my house and changed and with the two dependable ladies you see in the 3rd and 4th photos, I took off to the venue. As I ministered here, she was in that theater and she was still in there even after I finished my assignment and went back home and changed to some casual and returned to the hospital. She was wheeled out after I returned. When she woke up, I looked into her eyes and…………… 

Was it an easy and joyful decision to make? Nope! Did I cry? Yep! As I stepped in to minister the devil asked me what if they call me now to tell me she’s dead? I replied him that I would still step out and receive the mic and do what I came to do and then head back. I shed a tear and stood up for the podium!! In my absence, Chisom was there with Ngozi and both held forth. God took charge and till date, I am so so glad that I made that decision to just go minister. Three years after, I return to say thank you Lord. Guess what? The Anaethetist told me later that she passed out in the theatre and they resuscitated her. Was I there? Nope!!! My God was there and he took charge!! When I speak to some of you to learn to surrender all to God and allow him take charge, I am not telling you theory, I am telling you what I have experienced. God is the most reliable. He knows what to do when we run out of ideas!!

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