Use those stones!!

by Aug 1, 2020

They tell you you are ugly, fat, skinny, poor, uneducated, not well educated, local, Igbotic, unexposed, undignified, below their standards, don’t fit into their social circle, and you allow the words to become your limitations???? They talk down on you!!! Some even call you a gold digger because of the man or woman who loves and marries you! Oh if you gonna dig, you better dig for gold!! Do these words and scorn limit you??? You battle with low self esteem??? Hey, come on!!!!! Who sets the standards??? God chooses and blesses!!! If it was about what the society thought or thinks, women like Ruth and Rahab, and Esther would not have had any chance!!! Dear reader, turn those words that are/were thrown at you to stepping stones! Yes hey, step on those stones, walk the walk and achieve!!!!!

Hi, I’m Gozie!

I am a Niche Coach and Master Mentor. I encourage, engage and equip others to believe in possibilities and create avenues to realize these possibilities.

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  1. Zika

    Truth!!! Use those stones. As stepping stones

  2. Chibtox

    I used the stones thrown at me as a stepping stone and I am always happy regardless of what humans think or say. I struggled so much when I was a little girl but I refused to give up. A lot of stones were thrown at me after secondary school but I refused to listen to the voice that says “give up”. I shut the spirit that came to shout names of substances that can end my life to me up. I refuse to give up.


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