I made a Choice

by Aug 5, 2020

This is one of my favorite photos. It was out of a photo shoot session to model for my dear friend and sister, NHN. This photo was taken when my mood was experiencing wild swings. One second I was ok and next minute I was back in gloom. But then during the shoot, I had this hearty laughter unconsciously and the photographer captured it and I was shocked when I looked at it right there on his screen and saw the look on my face. That caused a major shift and I was jolted out of that phase of dealing with loss occasioned by the tragic death of my husband. I decided there and then to flee from the gloom. I told myself that what had happened had happened and I was never ever going to be able to change it, but I could from that moment determine how it affects me. I took control, I took a decision also to walk away literally from folks and stuff capable of returning me to gloom. That night, after the session and I retired to my room, I knelt down and asked God to make that kind of joy and glitter I saw in my eyes and face to remain. I asked him to keep them there even in the midst of turmoil. I went ahead and took a walk, a long walk from acidic and antagonistic folks and situations. Till date, I search for and locate joy in bad situations and I keep a distance from folks who never see any good in others. Talking about such folks, they are no good either, nor close to being good at all, yet they are bent on making everyone around them feel less of who they are. I took a long walk, I am so happy I took that decision. I am so happy I still find courage to take such long walks…..I still do! So when you come to my blog and social media platforms and find laughter and comedy and claim you roll on the floor while laughing, it’s not because I don’t face challenges, it is because I chose how to respond to those challenges and the outcome of my response is the comedy and laughter you find on my wall. For some of you might misinterpret it, and think it means I am too playful and walk-over, far from that. Some of you think I am seeking for attention, definitely not!!!! Some of you think it gives you unfettered access to mingle foolishly, far from that too. I only made a choice to ensure that anyone who comes across me physically or virtually is infected by joy and laughter. I made a decision not to allow behavior and attitude of people dampen my joy. I made a choice to stay positive even in the midst of negative folks and circumstances. I made a choice. Do you need to make a choice over that ‘thing’ you’re dealing with or will you let it turn and toss you around as it pleases? A choice, a good choice will change it all! I made my choice and if you cannot live or deal with it, I am showing you the door, don’t bother shutting it as you walk away, I am an expert in shutting doors.

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  1. Nwajinka chisom

    The choice you made Mum, is the redefinition that I am enjoying today. Thank you for making the right choice.

  2. Naturedozit

    The smile is contagious, I didn’t know when I smiled just looking at the picture.
    You live life on your own terms Marco Polo, nothing could be more beautiful than that.
    I’m a fan

  3. Mabel

    The first time I came across your post it was hilarious and laughed so much that night. I got addicted to your page, every day I have to go to your page just to laugh. Thank you so much for allowing God to use you to brighten our dark moments.

  4. Ogonna

    It’s beautiful. Every time I see this picture there’s also a leap on my inside. May God give you more reasons to laugh like this

  5. Uchenna Nzewi

    I am truly lost for word. All I can say is that God gave you a mission. May the Holy Spirit enable you to continue enabling the women who would have been lost or drowned in sorrow. Keep up the good work.

  6. Peace Chinomso Gbenga-Philips

    Great! The choice you made has affected many lives positively. I testify that there is no dull moment with you or visiting your social media platforms. I like the blog💃💃💃💃💃.

  7. Chi Okere

    A choice that has and still helping other woman make better choices…if she can then YES I CAN. Keep smiling and making us smile, its contagious in the best way.


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