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by Aug 26, 2021

If your parent is widowed, don’t assume they are strong and not hurting, and you keep heaping burdens on them. They might put up a strong disposition so their children don’t lack or faint, but deep inside they hurt. They might skip meals so their children have enough! They might deny themselves some basic needs so their children don’t lack!

Be in touch with them if you live away from home and go through their schedule and plans and have regular conversations with them. I work in their midst and some of them are drained just so their children don’t lack and at night they soak their pillows with tears!

In the morning they come out smiling. Will you rather lose them and become an orphan? That’s a rough one! Get more involved! I plead with you to ensure they are truly healthy! It could be cracking jokes to ensure they laugh!

Situations are different! Whatever you need to do to help them. Those who are freshly widowed need closer monitoring and stop counting what they said or did wrong! This isn’t the time! And they are human and prone to make mistakes! Their deepest worry comes from how to cope with their children.

I agree some don’t go out of their way to support their children! Yes, some shelve their responsibility and look the other way while their girls sleep around to bring money home and the boys do all sorts too! I have handled such deviants! Now, put a call through! Forget about anything they did or said to you. Help them through this rough and confused state!

Help your widowed parent TO PRESERVE HIS OR HER LIFE! Some loose it and truly need emotional support! Do you understand?

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