Marriage Musing

by Jul 28, 2020

Marriage Musing

Years ago, Mmili would order me to stay back in bed especially in the early hours of the mornings. I am an early riser and will get up and start moving up and down and at times cooking. He loved his early morning sleep a lot. I become restless once I see the sun rays! At some point I would get up and sneak out and go down and not make noise so he won’t order me back to bed. Then I was wondering what someone will be doing in bed by those times he would normally wake up. Those days I used to travel a lot locally and internationally and he would insist I took weeeknds off following such trips. Guess what? I preferred to use those weekends to write and tidy up my reports and also catch up on writings and jobs I didn’t meet up with. Then I would be so exhausted and still go down to make meals for the house. I enjoy cooking! When he couldn’t get me to slow down on cooking after those trips, he started engaging his youngest sister to make meals and soups a couple of days before my return just so I won’t go cooking upon my return. He was good in resting and relaxing. He would stop his daily office routine every November and play lawn tennis and chill by the courts to enjoy his gulder and pepper soup!

Fast forward to today!

I have stopped feeling guilty when I don’t feel like doing a thing. I stay in bed and do nothing and not because I have nothing to do but because I chose not to do anything. After all, if I work myself to death, my children will suffer the tragedy of being orphans!! Nobody needs to advise me anymore to slow down. Gozie e slow go down! Does your body speak to you? Does your body tell you to shut it down and do nothing? How do we respond to such nudge? How do we respond? In the midst of all the hustles and all the list of things to do, we should be attentive to our bodies and respond accordingly! Accordingly for me might not be same for you! Don’t do what I would do when I need to shut it down, do what’s convenient for you as long as you’re shutting down! Nothing can be compared with life itself!! If you’re diabetic, please pay attention to your body and sugar readings! I chose to share this with you and I will share some more nuggets all day! E get why!!


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  1. Ogechukwu Maduka

    Congratulations Ma, higher grounds for you, Amen.


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