Find your path!

by Jul 28, 2020

Find your path!

 Embark on the journey! Stay focused on the path to avoid pot holes and sudden falls! Per chance you fall, don’t stay there!! Get back up and keep moving!! Nothing wrong in slowing down or pausing to nurse any wounds but don’t stay in permanent wound-nursing mode! There are experts in stone throwing and professionals in distraction skills!! You will meet them!! There are specialists in the field of digging into your past!! Their aim is to stop your journey!! Not that they don’t have their own pasts to dig into!! Yours excite them more because it gives them an illusory edge over you to throw mud at you just so you stop the journey and hide your face in shame!! Who has shame and face hiding ever helped??????? Could also be they can’t deal with the love and friendship you enjoy and so they throw those darts to paint you black!! Before you start the journey, be sure you have a tin of black paint and a strong brush, you might need it before they brandish theirs!! 

Don’t patronize them!!

Don’t even begrudge them! Keep them at arm’s length!! Don’t expect them to celebrate you!! They don’t know what it means to achieve so how can they celebrate what they don’t know? I already told you not to begrudge them! It’s not about you! It’s about them! They see you and see themselves and despite the mud they have and your skeletons they know and are excited about exposing, they fully well know that they are not your match!! The pay grades are miles apart!! Love them but from a distance!! Don’t hate them!! Hate slows down your journey!!! Don’t forget you must reach your destination!! Don’t forget your purpose!! Forget only one thing, their attitude and all!! You’re purpose-driven and don’t ever forget that!! Do you understand???? Do you?????

Hi, I’m Gozie!

I am a Niche Coach and Master Mentor. I encourage, engage and equip others to believe in possibilities and create avenues to realize these possibilities.

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