Launch into the deep!

by Aug 21, 2020

Launch into the deep. The deep is fearful but launch in at his word and how do you know the word, withdraw and sit and study and listen. Yes you are washing your net after toiling all night and years. The word God speaks they are life and they are spirit. Which means it will bring life and revive and revamp. Come out of shallow and stagnant waters. Stagnant waters smell. Deep water could be your prayer life, New partner in business, you can’t stand still, you can’t stay in shallow waters. The fish are out there. Joshua even with the running waters stepped in at God’s word. God said don’t move. Don’t move and they didn’t move. Though the waves are raging, stay in the water. Stay in the rushing water. Make a move. Are you exhausted? Tried all you can? Prayed all manner of prayer? Tried every suggestion? You’re weak and gịven up? Try again. Launch into the deep again. Don’t pack that net yet, launch it out. Yes you’veost faith, he understands. Nevertheless at his word. His word! Launch into the deep and hold God at his word.

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  1. Ogbuefi Chisom

    Launch your net again! I got that!

    • Gozie

      Thank you.


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