When God calls, he equips and rewards.

by Aug 21, 2020

On NHN IG on Saturday night, I shared how my journey into this assignment began and how it’s been. Has it been all smooth and rosy all the way? No! Have I had moments I wanted to quit? Yes! Not once or twice!

In 2008, when it became obvious that I would not escape this assignment, I took a trip to Kafanchan, to attend an all women annual prayer retreat organized by Rev. Mrs. Martha Kure. We went as a team from King’s daughters conference, Enugu and we were led by my mama, Professor Edith Nwosu.

I needed to leave my familiar environment and go away and focus without distraction to be sure this was it! Mmili was worried about my safety and sugar level and how one week out in such a place would impact on my health but he gave his consent and even gave me some cash to hold and told me to buy food stuff on our way back. I did!

Prior to this, I had fixed our first crusade and medical mission and this retreat was about six weeks or less prior to this event. I wasn’t sure of anything. As a matter of fact, it was fixed by Ven. Udodi who was my vicar then and he supported and ensured this was done. I kept remembering the words by that guest speaker! (I shared this on Saturday) It didn’t make sense to me that something I thought I had run away from was same thing I was being dragged back into. I wanted to rebel and revolt and resist but I found myself weakened in those directions.

Right there in Kafanchan, a confirmation came that brought me down to prostrate before God and just say yes. Then a total stranger right there spoke some words to me. I can’t remember his name but I remember he’s from Oguta. I arrived Kafanchan afraid and left a lot convinced and prepared.

We hosted that first mission and I have some of the volunteers and team members who were part of this from that point. The events there pointed to same direction, Gozie you must do this!

In the past 12 years, it has been challenging and interesting. We have received tremendous support from far and near! We have also been resisted! When my husband died, a few folks alleged that it was the evil spirit that follow widows that killed my husband, they blamed me for this assignment and claimed it led to his death. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. Two of them lost their husbands shortly after my husband died and only God knows the evil spirit that caused that! Definitely not the one that killed mine because they had nothing to do with widows!

When God gives you a vision, Sanballat and Tobias will be displeased and will show up to derail you. Reply them as Nehemiah replied in Nehemiah 2:20. Stand your ground and don’t lose focus. It’s ok to be discouraged, I was at different points! It’s ok to be despised by same people you’re sent to help, that’s fine, you’re not answerable to them but to your God! You will face all manner of storms, don’t lose focus!

God will reward you! He only needs to know and see that you’re dedicated and consistent!

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  1. Ginikachi Onyenukporo

    God will reward you! He only needs to know and see that you’re dedicated and consistent!

    Amen. He is a rewarder of them who diligently seek Him.

    He rewards diligence indeed, and that, at His time.


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