Dany’s diary

by Dec 28, 2020

Me: Daniella, sit by my side and I want us to talk OK?

Daniella : I want to go and get my babies from school?

Me: school? The bus will drop them off so forget them let’s talk.

Daniella : OK mummy Me: tell me what I do that you don’t like.

Daniella:😀😀😀😀😀this mummy, you’re something else. I like you. Ermmmmmm you shout.

Me: ewooooo but I reduced it ooooo. Aahhhh I don’t shout too much ooooo again.

Daniella : stop! Stop! You stop shouting OK? You will have headache and go to hospital.

Me: OK I promise. No shouting. Any other thing?

Daniella: you didn’t give me my dollars. The one aunty gave me.

Me: aahhhh that won’t be a problem nụ. If I give it to you then you pay for your shopping and Uber and snacks. Agreed?

Daniella : Mummy why? OK keep it and buy me burger king.

Me: nọ I will give it to you, every time you talk about the money. Let me rest for you. I will go to bank and bring it for you tomorrow

Daniella : Mummy OK hold it but don’t use it to buy yam OK? you like yam too much. Me: ((thoughts) na audio giving back oooo. Me go to which bank????? Akụkọ.) Is there anything else you don’t like and you want me to stop???

Daniella : nọ mummy but take me to Dora, I want to see Dora and I want grapes. When am I going back to Egugu??

Me: let me cook ukwa inugo? Akụkọ a adabarozi chaaaaaa.

Daniella : what did you say?

Me: I was talking to myself ok? Analiem na kitchen biko nụ.

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  1. Zika M

    All we are saying…. no more shouting!!!


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