Danny’s diary.

by Sep 13, 2020

Danny’s diary Yesterday as I dressed her up for church. Daniella: Mummy , I like my dress. (Hugs me) I love you Mummy, you’re a good Mummy. Me: Thank you so much for liking it. When I am coming again to visit you, I will get more for you. Daniella: (points at a paining of yellow umbrella on the wall) Mummy I want that color. Me: What’s the color called? Daniella: it’s yellow Mummy. Daniella knows it’s yellow. I want a yellow dress, I want a red dress too. Me: I will make you a yellow African print. Daniella: I don’t want that, I want a yellow dress. Me: the fabric is called African print, I will make only yellow. You have red already. Daniella: only one red, you you have many red. Why will Daniella have only one?
Gozie left and went upstairs to fix her breakfast and upon coming down stairs, she had flung open my wardrobe and was counting to my hearing the number of fabrics , Nigerian was as we call them that are red in color. Me: did you have to prove your point? Ok I give up, I will make a yellow and a red dress for you. Daniella: yeaaaaaaaaaa Daniella is winning (danced and left without closing the wardrobe door) Me: Danny, come come back and close the wardrobe. Daniella: close it Mummy. Thank youuuuuuuuuuu!!!! Well, she won and I will do as she said. Lesson in this: Persistence. In as much as I would have made her more than one dress, red ankara wasn’t part of my plan, now she’s won and I will add a red mgbolodi to it so we pair in it. When she was five years old, Chisom told me that Daniella never gives up,that when she wants something, she will sing it and say it till she got it. She would even pull you and make sure you do it. She told me to watch out for that just as were about embarking on a trip. That’s it!!!

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    Bubu, is a goal getter!!! Persistence indeed, because with that quality,she has been able to achieve her long term goals… More colorful mgolodi’s for bubu!!!!🤣🤣🤣

    • Chichi Eriobu

      So much to learn from a child as Daniella. I think that most of us adults have some form of child-like attitude but too much rejections and NOs keeps us not being persistent with what we want to ask for.

      Thank you for sharing this, Ma.

    • Ngozi Nduba

      Be persistence mostly in praying.

  2. Stella

    Hahahhahaha. I live that little babe.

  3. Stella


  4. Zika

    Persistence!! I am coming for Daniella to lay hands on me joor 😂😂😂


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