Danny’s Diary

by Oct 4, 2021

From September 2019 diary.

Daniella : nọ one takes my picture when I am walking.

Me: when you’re walking? How?

Daniella : like the way you were walking, let me show you.
(Grabs my iPad and shoes me my Dubai run way photos.)

Me: ohhhhh!! You want that kind of stuff? Really? For real????

Daniella : yes I want it mummy.

Me: ife na agụ gị adiro na afọr Igwe. (Her ambition is out of this world).

Daniella: what did you say to me? Mummy that’s Igbo right? Mummy, I want to watch cartoon.

Me: oh girllllll!!! It’s not even 7 am yet. Come up with me and help me in the kitchen..

Daniella : I packed the clothes on your bed, brushed my teeth, took care of my babies, 9 babies, 9!! Mummy, I am tired. Aunty Daniella is tired OK?

Me: OK. Let me go, I guess I can’t get tired abi? Thank you for packing the clothes. Bring out a set of your uniform for tomorrow and down to panties and socks please. Let me check the weather for tomorrow so we know what you can wear.

Daniella : OK Mummy. Please get my breakfast ready. I will eat in 15 minutes OK? You’re a good Mummy. Wait let me kiss you.

Me: OK na. Na kiss na.

I am back in the kitchen doing my thing while she’s on cartoon on my iPad and I bet you I will shout if I go down and she’s yet to bring out her uniform. One whole week of not shouting!!!! Mbanuuuuu!!! Akpili m ga atachi. My throat will whatever, I don’t know what to say in English. She has fallen into my trap. Biko nu my fellow mothers let me shout small.

“Whattttttt??? Where’s the set of uniforms? Have you cleaned your shoes for school. What is it ooooooo???? I will raise my voice more. Oya kunie ebe afụ before mụ eme gị ife.” The shouting na. This na sample and next shorting line depends on her from this point.

She had her hair done yesterday and won’t let me rest asking for hair net.

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  1. Mabel

    Haha it’s not easy to take care of 9 babies nu! 😜😜😜


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