Danny’s Diary

by Sep 20, 2021

5.00 am

Daniella: Mummy, I am awake!! Good morning mummy. Are you awake???
Me: (kept quiet and pretending to be asleep just so I round up my planning and goal setting for the day).
Daniella: Mummyyyyyyyyy good morning. Answer me. Is Aunty Ify coming today???? Are we going to fellowship?

Me: good morning Daniella. How are you today? Did you sleep well? Come over to my room let’s pray.
Daniella: I have prayed with my babies. Give me two minutes and I will come and pray with you. My babies peed* on the bed, I want to clean them.

Me: OK you can take more time. (I needed few more minutes all by myself).
Daniella: I am here. (We prayed) Me: (went up to the kitchen to pack garbage and take out). Mummy, can I help you?

Me: I am just getting things ready. I will cook ukwa and ọkpa. When we return from the fellowship we cook OK?
Daniella: you cook every day? You like to cook. I want a hot chocolate drink, I didn’t take it last night.
Me: it’s quite early OK? We have teeth to brush and a house to sweep and clean and tidy before breakfast.

Daniella: I am going to make it. Me: don’t try that. (Voice raised a little).
Daniella: don’t raise your voice Mummy. You promised yesterday. This Mummy likes to shout. I will tell Aunty Ify and Sista Chisom. They will laugh at you. Mummy, I want to eat Ọkpa. Hot one.
Me: hahahahaha a!!! It’s too early. See the time. I can’t cook now. I am not in the mood at all.

Daniella: Mummy, I want to eat so I can give my babies breasts.
Me: Hahahahahahahaaa now Daniella come and take hot chocolate and a slice of bread and let me have peace. Breast-feeding indeed. Chineke biko, today is Saturday ooooooo. All-day with Daniella, Amen I will not shout.

Gozie, come here and pack all the garbage. Kaiiiiii, ụmụnne na ụmụnna, this is a sign of how my day will be. Interrogation and demands. Chimmmmm!!! 5.45 am I made the hot chocolate for her and gave her bread and sardine. I ended up with two slices of bread and sardine too. Yes na. I couldn’t resist the sardine aroma. So we’re here eating before 6 am. Errrrmmmmm, I am with a bottle of water and she with sugar chocolate drink. And it’s oat bread maka ndị diet advice.

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  1. Uche Chukwuemeka

    Mama Danny wants to breastfeed her babies please.

    • Gozie

      Hahahahahha! She’s so funny. Thank you so much for reading and leaving a comment.


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