Danny’s Diary

by Jul 26, 2021

Danny’s diary! 

My dollar is not for Ukwa! Daniella is ready for dinner and her best friend, my housekeeper came to request that I come to dish Ukwa by myself for Danny. 

Me: the Ukwa is for sale biko, except Daniella is ready to pay for it. 

Madam Angela: Mummy bikoooooo, let her enjoy the Ukwa, she loves it a lot. 

Daniella: nooooo, I don’t want Ukwa, I want soup. 

Me: ok Busky, let me dish for you and withdraw $20 from your US account ok? 

Daniella: (shouted) noooooo, I don’t wanna eat that Ukwa, it’s expensive biko. How much is $20 in Nigerian money? 

Me: I don’t do conversion when I am selling to foreigners, you told me you’re American and a New Yorker the other day, so what changed. $20 or nothing biko. 

Daniella: nooooo, don’t touch my money. Soup and gari is free right? 

Me: (silent and observing). 

Daniella: Madam Angela, please I don’t want big girl’s Ukwa. Mummy said she cooked it for her friend, I know the Aunty in Lagos, she’s a big woman and has a big house. Biko, Daniella is a small girl and will not eat that Ukwa ok? 

Me: Daniella: let’s go down to the kitchen. Gari and soup all the way. 

Me: madam, biko dish Ukwa for this Igbo girl, she knows the value of money and doesn’t joke with her savings. Daniella, I love you ok? 

Daniella: mom, I love you too but don’t touch my money oooo. I am saving for College. I am saving for College, Gozie Udemezue. 

Me: (laughed out so loud). Thank you for making me laugh out so loud! Now let me return to work.

Hi, I’m Gozie!

I am a Niche Coach and Master Mentor. I encourage, engage and equip others to believe in possibilities and create avenues to realize these possibilities.

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  1. Ife Ifemesia

    Danny mooooo. Good girl saving for college.


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