Danny’s Diary

by Jul 12, 2021

Daniella spoke to herself a lot this week and Joy and I kept records.

1. Daniella: I want to go back to New York. I want to go and live with Aunty Ifyooooo. She used to take care of me ooooo. She buys me pizza, big chicken, vegetables ooooo. In this house you give me Okpa, gari and soup, akara, I am tired oooooo.

2. Daniella: Aunty Joy, Coco and mom don’t want me to make friends. I want to make friends ooooo. I want to visit uncle Bona’s children and also make new friends. My head is tired of staying alone. Help Daniella, Daniella needs to make friends.

3. Daniella: uncle Ufoo should come and take me back to NY. Aunty Ify is missing me and she’s crying and saying “Daniella come back”, is it fair that she’s alone? Oh Daniella, pack your bags and go back to Aunty Ify. Your mother has other children here and she will be fine till see comes to see you.

4. Daniella: Aunty Ify buys me big girl’s clothes and bags and now nobody does that. Daniella, get ready and go back to Aunty Ify oooooo. Daniella don’t miss your mom ok? She will cry and look for you, then she will come and stay with you. Hahahahahaha! Daniella is something else.

5. Daniella: Chisom has left her sister in Enugu and is enjoying in Abuja alone ooooooo. Daniella must fly to Abuja this week. Yes, this week. Ok, I have business there and Chisom is my business.

6. Daniella: Mom, please get up let’s pray. Daniella wants to pray every morning. I want to watch cartoon and you will not let me do so till I pray. Let’s pray oooooo. It’s 4am. Mom, mom, are you sleeping? Are you awake?

7. Daniella: Aunty Joy showed me her baby’s picture on her Facebook. Now she was sneaking around and went and got pregnant and she must go and live with that man. There is no space in this house for any husband and you mom, don’t bring in any husband here. No space, no space for any husband. You and Aunty Joy should move out. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  1. Onedibe chinenye Florence (djflozy

    Danny Baby you n mum will not kill oooo NWA I want to make friends oooooo hahahah

  2. Zika M

    Daniella ohhhhhh! Nwa di focused. She sure knows what she wants and what she doesn’t like ohhhh!!!

  3. ifeoma

    Danny wants to go back to America ooo. Please fulfill her wish.

  4. Chika

    Danny girl, you are too much. Go to aunty joy n mummy will cry and come for you inugo 😅

  5. Ife Ifemesia

    Ahhhhh. Dannymooooo. You are really something else but on point at what you want. I really miss youooooo.

    • Ify Nzedebe

      Danny girl need to go back to New York or make new friends here so she can relax with Mom and Anuty Joy. Anuty Ify oooo your baby misses you a lot.

    • Onyinyechi Nwosu

      No. 2 !!!

      She sure needs to make friends, my people.


  6. Debby

    Hahahahahahahah i can’t stop laughing, Danny u’re on ppint with all ur complaints and expression hahahahahahhaa.

  7. Deborah

    Who wouldn’t want big chicken and good treats? Who wouldn’t prefer NY city to here?😃😃. Funny Daniella .

  8. NatureDozit

    Bikonu take Danny back to New York pulease

  9. hope

    She is tired and wants to go back to new york where she being taking good care of by aunty Ify.Love you danny baby.

  10. Nelly Steve

    Danny baby oo.😂😂
    Baby girl knows what she wants and I’m so proud of her.
    Mummy biko take her to New York oo. I don’t blame her for wanting to go back at all.😁

  11. Gozie

    Daniella is full option of a child. God bless her richly.


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