Danny’s Diary

by Jun 7, 2021

Daniella: Good morning mom. Are you happy today? Why are you awake? What’s the time?
Me: good morning Busky, ahhhhh, all these questions, ok, I am happy today, I woke up to say my 3 am prayer and the time is 4 am. Are you happy? Daniella: I am happy but just wondering if Aunty Ify is happy? Can you call her let me ask her?

Me: she might be asleep, you know the time difference between us and New York? Ok, let me try.

Daniella: you’re a good mummy, God will bless you and give you big money ok?

Me: Amen. God has heard you and he will do it ok? Daniella: Amen and we go to Disneyland mummy?? Me: Aunty Ify’s phone isn’t ringing. It is a video call so you will see her face.

Daniella: awwwww, this mummy is a good mummy. Me: Daniella, come get the phone, see Aunty Ify, Oya talk to her. She’s in bed already.

Daniella: (she spent time having a conversation with Aunty Ify and smiling and giggling, I also took part in this conversation.)

Me: Now you’re done? Are you happy?
Daniella: Yes, I saw Aunty Ify, that’s not her room, did she travel? She is fine. I will see her soon. We will buy many things for her ok? Aunty Ify is a good woman and I love her. I miss her ooooo. She drives me to church and Bayshore. Wait, can I speak with Grandpa in Bayshore? He must be missing me? The cookies he keeps for me in his room, are they still there? Mom, mom, mom, you’re sleeping?

Me: About to. I will have a busy day today and will be happy to sleep now. We can talk to grandpa on another day ok? Your mother is sleepy. Do you want to pray with me?
Daniella: not now, let me go back to my room and see how my baby is doing. He will be looking for me. Bye, mom, you’re a good mom ok?
Me: you’re a good daughter, I love you. Byeeeee. She left my room to hers and I muttered a prayer for her to sleep off and not return to my room.

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  1. Ify

    Awww. Danny! Always a delight to read yours.

    • Zika M

      Awww!! Aunty Ify ohhh!

    • Gozie

      Please identify yourself. A gift awaits you.

  2. Gozie

    Your daughter is surely a lovely one. God bless her.
    May God bless you too for teaching and leading her right in the world filled with negative vices.

  3. Gozie Udemezue

    Thank you so much for being a regular visitor to my blog. Tou have won yourself a special gift and we shall mail it to you.

  4. Ogana lawretta

    Awww, Danny you are so sweet.

    • Ngozi Nduba

      Danny is always checking on her mum, wanting to know if she is happy.


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