Danny’s Diary

by Mar 9, 2021

Daniella got off the bus and I received her and brought her in when she returned from school and she asked me a kweshion!!!

Daniella: Mummy have you washed your hands?

Mummy wash your hands please before you put on my shirt.

Me: why?

Daniella: the virus is everywhere oooo. My school told us.

Me: I am cooking beans for you and Aunty and washing hands each step.

Daniella: ok wash it again!!

Me: thanks and please come in here and watch me wash with tap hot water. You also go wash yours.

Daniella: my friend in school asked me when you will marry!!

Me: gwa kwa enyi gi afu na nwa nkuta ekuke ga asachia anya maka that kweshion. Ndi nulu anu na ami mma na akaodo. Biko let me not hear my name na Ashli unu ozo.

Daniella: what did you say first? You will buy a dog for my friend?

Me: I am sorry mama but biko 不不不不不不不不不不不不不不, I ga an廙 Enugu 廙nwa at廙 ka m gosi g廙 the dog. Inukwa every day this child will be asking her to tell me to marry. The other time I went on school outing with them this child told me I am so pretty and should have a husband. I was too shocked to reply and the she asked me whether I plan to have a big wedding.

Daniella has joined bad ‘gang’ like her mother.

廙 kwa unu afugo? End of discussion!!

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  1. Nkechi Ebenebe

    Hahahaha. Escusss me mama any廙, someone said I should ask you same kweshion o.

  2. Mabel



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