Danny’s diary

by Dec 11, 2020

Danny’s diary Mom: Daniella, I sleep alone in this room and it’s lonely when I wake up and done praying around 1am. I wish I had someone to call by that time and talk to. Daniella: you can call me, my room is next door. Me: ok, but you are normally asleep by that time of the night so what do I do? Daniella: you can call Coco or Chisom, you watch movie or you read your Bible. Ok, read your Bible, God wants to talk to you. Me: I have time for bible study and not that time. Daniella: ok you can watch TV or just stay in your bed ok? Me: Ok! (Focused on my thoughts and carried away). Daniella: I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking of asking God to give you a husband? So you talk to him everyday everyday? Me: nooooo, I was calculating how much of my cash is out there and I need the cash to finish up the work in the house. Daniella: ok, that’s fine mom but listen to Daniella. God, God, the Ocean of God will give you a husband. Me: what? Ocean of God? And who’s talking about husband biko? Daniella: that’s the name I call God, hahahahaaa!! Ocean of God. You will have another husband but you must wait for God. Don’t force God, wait, he will give you a husband. Mom, can I have water? From your ‘fridge’ and also anara. Ok mom? Me: yes please take. Daniella: you’re a good mom, I will pray for you during my ‘night’ vigil prayer, you must have a husband. You must have a husband mom. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. You are a good mom ok? Me: ok, dalu.

Can you excuse me now? 🙄🙄🙄🙄😢😢😢

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  1. Ebere

    I love the name OCEAN OF GOD. That’s could mean Mighty Ocean. God is a mighty ocean.


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