Danny’s diary December 14th, 2020.

by Dec 14, 2020

I was in bed after a rough night battling catarrh and trying to sleep from the effect of a tablet I took when Daniella walked in. She took a close look at my face, I felt her breath. She believed I was asleep. I pretended to be so she won’t start her early morning story-telling. From the corner of my eyes I saw her walk over to the other side of my bed where her baby spent the night and the following ensued;

Daniella: Good morning son, did you miss me? Answer me, did you miss me? Did you disturb grandma? Ok, I made you to sleep in grandma’s room so I can get a good sleep. Yes, I was busy yesterday washing your clothes and everything, don’t I deserve some good sleep? (I kept quiet and chuckled at the one-sided conversation while my recorder recorded).

Daniella: did you pee on grandma’s bed? She will be mad with you when she wakes up. Oh thank God, you did not, grandma doesn’t like pee on her bed. So, today I will fix you good breakfast, eggs, oat and toast, I won’t give you cornflakes, I finished it already, I love it. Have you prayed? You must pray everyday and every time. God is good to your mother. I was to die and God saved me, God saved me so you must thank God, if not you won’t have a mother now. Daniella: mom, are you sleeping? Please let us pray, it’s time for us to pray.

Me: good morning Busky.

Did you sleep well?

Yes let’s pray so I return to sleep.

Daniella: so why do you want to sleep, you don’t want to go to the office today? Please go to the office so you make big money for our Christmas. I love you mom. I will pray. Dear Ocean of God, please bless my mom and my brothers and sister. I want my mom not to be sick, I don’t want her to dieoooo. I don’t want to be anyone’s house help and they flog me and send me to go and sell peanuts. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Back to sender. Daniella will go back to America. Mom, say Amen.

Me: Amen. Amen.

Daniella: God please bless my mom so she can give her widow’s Christmas money ok? Let Chisom come back with big money and Pretzels for me. Ok, let her come back, so she can stop Coco from locking her room door. Mom, say Amen, are you sleeping.

Me: Amen. Daniella: mom, are you sad? Me: no, I am not. I o reworked myself last weekend and my body revolting. Daniella: is it the Shiloh? Is it the praying? Ok, stop praying, I will be praying for us ok ok? Good night, let me sleep. When o wake up I will come and take my baby.

Me: muttered a thank you Lord as she walked back to her room. Dear Lord, thank you so much for this child, a rare gift who won’t ever let me have any sad moment. Thank you Lord.

Meanwhile her son is right in my bed in his oversized night shirt! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  1. Ebere

    A big AMEN to Danny’s prayers. So impressed that she understands the need to always appreciate God.

    • Dobees

      What an amazing child. God surely answered her. May He cover you and your home and answer to all your needs in Jesus name, Amen.

    • Chinyere Okoro

      I am amazed at the wisdom she displays at her age. Thank you Lord for the gift of Danny.

  2. Zika M

    God pls hear Danny ohhhhh!!!Daniella Oke nwa ohhhh!!!God bless Daniella and her family!!!!

    • Ife Ifemesia

      Amen a amen to Danny Busky my PA for life prayers. She is really something else. God sent child. Very precious.

    • Ife Ifemesia

      Amen a amen to Danny Busky my PA for life prayers. She is really something else. God sent child. Very precious.

  3. Kate Halim

    She’s a blessed child. Amen to her prayers.

    • Ify

      Daniella is a bundle of joy…Amen to all her prayers and desire.. Thank you ma for sharing this joy with us

    • Chioma Frances Benyeogo

      Daniella, you’re such an Angel. May God grant all your prayers for Mummy, Chisom And Coco.

  4. Solomon Chimaechi Okeke

    “…I was to die and God saved me, God saved me so you must thank God, if not you won’t have a mother now…”

    This statement is the highlight of today’s episode of Danny’s Diary. Gratitude is always the best attitude and I see it in Daniella. May God bless her.

  5. Ezinneamaka Aninwe

    Amen o Danny Nwa. You shall return to Amrika in Jesus name.

  6. Naturedozit

    Amen to Danny’s prayers, she’s a whole vibe. I love her.

  7. Iphy Doris

    Amen!!!! Daniella is truly a God sent, a blessed child… I thank God for sparing her life…May God continue to bless her, guide/ protect her, speed her in all her endeavors IJMN..

    • Gozie

      She is, indeed. Thank you for reading.

  8. Nduba Ngozi

    I say amen to Danny’s prayers.
    Danny’s cornflakes has finished oo.
    Ok, aunty Ngozi will get you cornflakes on Saturday so you can give your baby cornflakes biko😄😄.


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