A short discourse

by Sep 29, 2020

I wonder what would make someone dim her light so as not to be offensive. Could it be that the person never ever wanted the light to shine ? I wonder why one would dim her light just because someone whose only exposure is to darkness isn’t comfortable with your light? So why dim it? Dimming won’t satisfy the folk, once you dim, there will be a follow up demand for you to turn the light all off. Well, not only really because they don’t want you shining but because darkness is all they were birthed into and grew up to know. So you got to chose to either turn off the light or drag them out of their darkness and teach them how to discover the light in them, teach them how to turn on the 💡 in them and trust me, they will love that and once they get used to having light they might not want you to tune off yours. On the other hand, some might begin to have issues with your own light shining side by side with theirs……despite the fact that you taught them the need to have the light and shine it and stay off darkness. Let me tell you the secret. The darkness is right inside of them and I urge you to go back to the drawing table on how to handle that…….

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I am a Niche Coach and Master Mentor. I encourage, engage and equip others to believe in possibilities and create avenues to realize these possibilities.

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  1. Nazam

    Let my Light shine.💡
    Thank you for always been an inspiration.


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