A Short Discourse

by Jun 18, 2021

I spend time daily cooking for clients, they pay for it and I often don’t cook for myself these days, most times I eat out.

When you are single after being ‘paired’ for long, home cooking and eating alone lose appeal. But today, I chose to cook for me and eat alone.

I will cook okra and ugu soup with baaaaadddddd pepper, okpei nssukka, stockfish and plenty dry fish, I love dry fish. The okro is fresh and the ugu is fresh too. I will dry the beef and goat meat before I use them.

After cooking, I will set a table for two, pretend as if someone is dining with me, eat, smile @ the illusory someone. I will eat, drink and laugh out loud.

I have not dined in my dining section for more than seven years. I will do so today, I am not idle, I am just going to do something I hated doing before now.

Back to the soup, I will eat it hot and fresh and then for dinner take just vegetables.

Now you are done reading this post, smile and keep scrolling.

Okra soup!

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  1. NgoziChukwuka

    Enjoy Elder!!!

  2. Zika M

    Chaiii! Mama De Elderess… now we are hungry!!!😭😭😭


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