Danny’s diary!

by Aug 30, 2020

Daniella: mom please I want to change my job. I want to be an animal doctor.

Me: I will soon stop you from watching animal channel. Animal doctor with onye? Biko stick with being a nurse nu.

Daniella: 不不不不不不. Youre a lawyer mom? I dont like that!

Me: why? Inukwa?

Daniella: lawyers send people to jail. You should bring people out of jail ok? I dont want anyone in jail again.

Me: Daniella biko kene. Its Judges that send people to jail. Well, they are kinda lawyers too.

Daniella: you change your job ok? Not to be on your desk and typing and doing meeting everyday.

Me: ok I will become a Pastor.

Daniella: youre a Pastor. You preach well and you pray all the time. You always pray in your room. 不不不不. You like to pray oooooo. Mom, why do you like to pray?

Me: thats how I talk to God. I have peace of mind when I pray. You, dont you also pray? You pray all the time too. On your outreach you will pray and preach, or you changed your mind?

Daniella: no mom, I will do that. But I want to work. I will start work on Monday so I save money to buy things for the children of widows in Enugu. What will they like? Mac and cheese, burger, French fries and maybe chocolate drink? Mom, are you sleeping?

Me: nnaaaa, this gist don get as e be. Someone just sent you money for your outreach. She sent me a message.

Daniella: God bless her. Tell her I said I will pray for her by 9 Oclock. God must give her big money and many children. God will bless her dad.

Me: shes got no dad. Her dad is late.

Daniella: ok tell her I will find a husband for her mom so she can have a dad ok? Ok mom? Are you sleeping? Mom, dont sleep on me. Its me Daniella. Wake up and take care of your grandson. Mom! Mom! Mom!

Me: (I pretended to be snoring and she left me and went back upstairs).

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  1. Ezinne Aninwe

    Hahaha! Danny Nwa. Oh sorry, its Dr Daniella.
    Mama Doctor ekene m gi ooo.

    • Okey Okeke

      Daniella bikozikene. 不不不

  2. Zika

    Hahahah!!! Daniella come ohh Mummy is not sleeping

    Meanwhile Biko come out from Animal Dr…, sorry dont come out joor stay there !! They make good money in America ohh

  3. Ngozi Nduba

    Veterinary Dr Danny.
    Danny you’re a joy.
    Ma please wake up and take care of your grandson.

  4. Chi

    From the lips of children and infants you have ordained praise on account of your adversaries, to silence the enemy and avenger. Furthermore, I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children. Way to go Danny.

  5. Benyeogo Chioma

    Lolz! Daniella Nwannem, you’re such a sweet little princess. Grandma! Wake up and carry your grandson oooo.


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