Danny’s Diary

by Mar 6, 2022

Daniella: mom, are you fine? Are you happy?

Me: I am not, my room is hot and my AC isn’t able to be fixed.

Daniella: mom!!! What are you gonna do?

Me: I will have to pack in to your room till I replace my AC.

Daniella: and when will you replace your AC?

Me: as soon as I raise the huge cash for a brand new one.

Daniella: what? I now have two extra children and myself. This room can’t take us all in. Mom, you have a lot of cash, please buy it today OK? Daniella likes her privacy and my children are all boys and need space!

Me: 不不不不不不! Space kwa? OK then, let me use the money for your flight ticket to NY and get a new AC.

Daniella: oh mom! Mother! Motherrrr! That was a prank! Please move to my room OK? Come and take your own space and you can stay for as long as you want.

Me: Cunny man die na Cunny man go bury am.

Daniella: what did you just say? Mother??

Me: errrmmmmm!

Daniella: you will bury a man? Mother?

Me: (moving into the room to sleep in her well air conditioned room before she changes her old soul mind.)

Daniella: mother, can I take coconut and pineapple juice from your fridge? Can I also take one bottle of smoothie?

Me: yes mama m amd that’s the rent.



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  1. Ogana lawretta

    Hahahhahaha Danny you eventually have space for elder


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