Danny’s Diary 28

by Jan 24, 2022

Daniella: whose dress is that pink one in the store?

Me: it’s yours. I brought it from US but will fix the edge.

Daniella: I have many dresses oooo. I have many tops and many dresses in New York and the flood didn’t spoil them.

Me: yes you do and it’s God that made those dresses possible.

Daniella : hahahahahah! The day I will share testimony eheeeee. God thank you for blessing Daniella. I have high heeled shoes from your friend? You said she’s in California?

Me: ahhhhh! I didn’t tell youoooo, I told your sister and you were eavesdropping.

Daniella: mom you have many dresses and see all your shoes and some of your dresses are in my room and you have never worn them. You need to share testimony that God blessed you. I also have many bags and purse. I have a mickey mouse bag in New York. Can you send it here.

Me: Daniella, it’s time for CYM and we continue later.

Daniella: mom I have ten bags! Hahahahahaaa!! I am so blessed. What is CYM? The prayer with your friend? Your friend in Lagos?

Me: dear Lord, when this child wasn’t speaking or talking, I cried to you and she underwent speech therapy. Now I want to thank you that she speaks and I beg you to make her sleep so I have serenity. It’s too early for her to be up.

Daniella: mom, mom, mom, you’re always praying. Please pray for my lesson teacher and my class teacher.


Dear Lord!

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  1. Ginikachi Onyenukporo

    She is thankful; conscious of the seemingly tiny blessings of clothes, bags and accessories.

    What a blessed child.

    • Gozie

      Yes, she met it as a tradition that we thank for everything and she coined her own ‘Chukwu dalụ and thank you Lord’ as her own way of thanking God. Thank you so much for reading.


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