Danny’s diary

by Feb 7, 2022

Daniella was ill and I was too but she turned to a nurse and won’t let me be:
Daniella: mom, I will help you to get up and go to the bathroom OK?
Mom: I didn’t tell you I wanted to use the bathroom. You were fast asleep.
Daniella: I was awake ooo. I stayed calm when I woke up so I could see if you’re good.
Mom: oh dear! Busky, you’re awake for me? I am struggling to get up, I will be able to do it OK?
Daniella: I am here to help you. God sent me to this house to help you OK? My sister and brother are not here and Aunty Joy is sleeping downstairs. Daniella is a nurse and your child. 
Mom: but you’re ill too. I am concerned about this fever on you that’s persisting
Daniella: mom, what’s persisting? Let me check on my IPad!
Daniella: don’t cry OK? Let’s go to the bathroom. Wait let me get tissue from the store. I am your nurse. Hahahahahah! Nurse Daniella!
Mom: (walks in to pee) it’s OK nne, go back to bed.
Daniella : noooo, you’re my patient and I will stand here. Do you want me to check your temperature? Did you check your blood sugar? Mom????? I didn’t see you test, talk to me!
Mom: I didn’t. I was too weak to get up. I will check now. 
Daniella: OK, sit here let me get the holy communion so you take. Now it’s God that will heal you. Can I get anointing oil from your altar? I don’t want to go there without your permission. I will anoint you and you take communion. That’s what Pastor Enenche does and God helps him and he will help us too.
Mom: Daniella, I can’t believe we are having this conversation. Almost nine years ago, you had no chance as stated by man, you were to be dependent on me and today I am the one being dependent on you.??????????????????.
Daniella: ehhhhhh! She’s crying ooooo. OK, stop OK? Let me pray for you. Don’t kneel down oooo, God knows you’re sick. Just raise your two hands and close your eyes…
To be continued

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