Danny’s Diary

by Nov 1, 2021

I resisted giving my consent to have Daniella on that trip. No. 1, I was told that it was a visit to a farm. Farm? Oh no!!! Then my resistance increased when her teacher told me that a parent must accompany her. Well, I counseled my child and told her to forget the trip as we have animals back home and the new artisan cow and ram and goat market is a short distance from our home and in few weeks we get home and it won’t cost us $12 each to go see them. Yes, $24 for both of us and if you think it’s nothing, convert it to naira and explain to me why I should pay that much to go SEE goat, cow, chickens etc.

Well, my daughter refused to opt out of the trip and I had no choice than to pay for both of us. Both of us on a trip to the farm to see animals!! Domestic animals!!! We hopped on the school bus! I wasn’t smiling at all. I would have been somewhere else, but I was in the midst of noisy and happy children who were going to see animals. Some parents were there too.

We got there, Fresh Meadows farm. And right there were about 50 school buses and many children from different other schools. Dear Lord, help me!!! We got our stickers!! We filed in, I held my child but she yearned to go hold a boy in her class. What boy??? Pair with me or we go home!!!

OK!!! Each child took a short ride on a pony. Each child took picture standing near a pregnant cow except my child who vehemently refused to go close to the cow. Why should she??? I was proud!!!

Then we went in to see hens and their chicks, pigs, rabbits, Guinea fowls and strange looking roosters. The children took turns climbing on a stationary tractor for photos and then we took a ride round the farm in a hay stack truck.

I was all the while calculating what this $24 could have done for me. Two large packs of correct goat meat from Fambria foods. Well, we settled for lunch and I enjoyed the lunch I went with while she enjoyed her sandwich. Finally, we boarded the bus and left.

A woman who was born in Enugu and even helped in rearing goats for Mama ayi in Ogidi in the 80s had to pay to go SEE animals, domestic animals, Okuku Abuke, Mkpi Ataka, Efi dị ime…….nya dị baooooooo!!!!!!

Photos :
Roosters, pigs etc at the farm.

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  1. Naturedozit

    Leave Danny ooo biko, this one bu American domestic animals nu 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.

    • Ezinne Aninwe

      Mama anyi o. That was Okuku oyibo nu, which is for sight seeing. Thank you for this piece. I had a good laugh at the end.

  2. Zika M

    Zoo time !!😀😀😀

  3. Ebere

    Those ones are oyibo domestic animals. The ones at New Artisan market are local made. Ighotago! Hahahaha.


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