Danny’s Diary

by Jun 29, 2021

Daniella: Mom, I am happy you came along to church yesterday. Did you enjoy Dunamis church? 

Me: Oh sure I did and from now, I will be there every Sunday. I danced and rejoiced. I prayed too. What about you? 

Daniella: ohhhhh mommmmmm, I raised my hand when it was testimony time. 

Me: you did what? No, no, hope you didn’t mention my name there? What testimony? I told you that was private! 

Daniella: mommmm, I shared the testimony of the two big things God gave you ooooooo. I was praying for God to give you the bigger one, every day I prayed for you and now God answered me, you didn’t want me to say it? Mom, why?

Me: why gini? They are my testimonies and not yours ooooo. 

Daniella: mom, I was the one who prayed about them. I prayed and God answered me.

Me: ok, I will give you a couple of needs to pray about because I know God will answer you as well. 

Daniella: ok bit just hold on, let me finish with praying for sister Chisom, Aunty Joy, Coco, Aunty Adaobi, and then I will pray for you. 

Me: what about your brother, your brother? 

Daniella: ohhhhh, God has answered and he is happy now. 

Me: so, why place me last on your list? My need is urgent oooo though I know you won’t like it. If God answers you I will buy… 

Daniella: say it, say it, mom, tell me what you will buy and I will start praying for you from tomorrow. I am praying other people’s prayers today and I want to finish that quickly.

Me: I am getting you a bicycle for summer and not you’re on vacation you keep busy with riding, and we can take it to the park too. 

Daniella: mommmmmmmmm! I love my mom, she’s something else. Mom, you’re so good. Ok, so I pray for you to have a husband? I will pray so you have a Spanish husband, and two of you will live in New York. There is no space in this house, ok? Mom, you’re not saying anything to Daniella. 

Me: I am speechless! Let me go up to my bedroom. I have a book to review. Could you please get my work bag and stuff from my office and bring them up to my room? 

Daniella: mom, can I eat your local stew? You added waterleaf and cow leg and fish? I love your food. I love you, mom. Thank you for being my mom ok? When I grow up, I will go to college, marry and have children and you will live with me ok? 

Me: (briskly walks up to my bedroom without saying anything further.) She is an interrogator and if I didn’t leave her presence, this conversation would have dragged on.

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  1. Ozioma Onyemelukwe

    Wow!❤️❤️❤️❤️ I’m so loving the prayer part. ….and God is answering her prayers ooo. Danny please pray for me, pray for my accommodation, pray that I get a house hold of mine. Danny bu kwa prayer warrior. Please mama anyi continue to encourage her…this is a budding ministry.


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