Widowed not withered!

by Sep 17, 2020

My dear widowed friend, there are relationships you must not be part of. Those people that cut you off might not be just because they wanted to cut you off but because God made them cut you off, that way you go on this journey with less baggage, become less dependent, independent and trusting in God. Ok, has the fact that they cut you off because they think you are a liability changed anything? Isn’t that supposed to make you sit up and work harder and be a better person? Why do you want to satisfy their yearning, their wishes that one day you will come back crawling to them cap in hand begging? Ohhhh give me a break!!! The fewer people in your life at this time of your life, the better. Isn’t there a talent or gift The Lord has blessed you with that you can activate and keep busy with. This idea that widows always complain about in-laws and friends walking out on them is just not right. Quit complaining, walk out on them first and keep moving and living. 

Heheheheheheheeee!!!! Ochioooooooo!!!!! But listen don’t hold grudges against anyone, if you have the chance to be of help to these folks, please go ahead and help, pray for them, love them from a distance if there is anything like that but please just don’t make your life miserable simply because a human being disconnected from you, simply because an inlaw who might not even have one square meal is not asking after you and your children. Consider the fact that he might not even be able to feed himself, pay his bills, maybe he or she doesn’t even love himself or herself and yet you sit there with your uncombed hair expecting them to love youuuuuu???? Wetinnnnnn????? I won’t entertain these complaints anymore, before anybody walks out on you, walk out on the person first and the world won’t come to an end. Will it????????

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