Wevolution Coaching Service.

Wevolution Coaching Services is a platform for group and personalized coaching program for widows, widowers, the bereaved generally and those in relationship with the bereaved. It’s aim is to help people navigate to evolve into who desire to become. Each session has is highly interactive and has engaging tasks. It is personalized based on the client’s JOURNEY and the outcome they seek to achieve.
Under this program, clients learn the following;

Personal Reinvention strategies.


How to break the mould of strategies.


How to recreate the future by taking ownership of the present.


The power of selection deafness. ( How to filter feedback effectively).


How to see the Ah! in your life’s maze and Ah!maze the world with your comeback.

Types of Wevolution Coaching Service.

1.1 Online Coaching


  • This is an online personal coaching session with me.
  • The session runs via the zoom platform. Duration is twice per week for four weeks.

In Person Coaching


  • This is a personal coaching session with me.
  • Book for a free consultation with me and we will have a chat in my office. 
  •  Duration is twice per week for four weeks.

Group Coaching


  • This group coaching can be a group of two people or five people maximum.
  • This runs for 4 weeks and a total of 16 hours and everyone meeting with me at same time.

• Testimonials•

“God’s mercy bought me to wevolution coaching class. During the class I saw that I have been on one spot for the past eight years.The class has helped me to come out of my relief.The class has helped to build my faith. During the class l learnt to depend on God & not man.To be honest I learnt so much during the class.it has made me a better person. Attending the class was an answer to my prayers. The coach was the type of person I had longed to meet with. I was able to pour out my heart to her& She was patient & calm to answer all my questions. I still remain greatful to her for helping me become a better person.” 

Leticia Ogugua Nwolai

“I am a battered widow, I have almost lost my life but someone on facebook recommended you to a widow and called your name on facebook so I quickly joined and started following you quietly sometimes I don’t comment just few months following you so many things changed in my life, I read your book through a friend, waooo deliverance came finally, now I am happy I think well, I dress well. God will honour you and keep you in good health and your comedy hour is a bomb. Keep up the good work.” 

Onyinye Onyedika

“Hmmm! You’re a strong woman, a motivator, a beauty with brain, a woman with wisdom, class and style. Since the day I met you physically at your book launch, Ikeja-Lagos. The fear of unknown disappeared. love you for the love you have for God . Thanks for your many inspirational talk and write up, thanks for been a blessing to so many woman, thank for been bold, confident and encourager if there is a word like that. Thanks and more Grace.

Tonia Tachio

“Widowhood to me was like hell, not being able to make decisions, always blaming myself, not knowing how and where to start from, praying on God to help me forgive my in-laws, funny enough the more I pray the more I hate them, so many puzzles for me to solve which I didn’t even know how to. But since I started following you, those so-called puzzles no longer seems so, things are falling in places gradually, I have been able to make decisions by myself,I have decided to take care of myself, and so many many many things. I know there are still many things ahead but I am no more afraid because I know I have already overcome. God bless you so much. I love you and admire your courage.” 

Nonso Daniel, Lagos, Nigeria.

“I came across your live video accidentally during the lockdown. The period was a trying period for me. I just removed my mourning cloth after 7 months amidst spiritual and physical battles. Every day I cried out to God to send someone I can talk to. At that time I didn’t know I can actually be in a coaching/ mentoring session for widows. The picture of what people are portraying about widowhood is not what I have in mind. But listening to you that night was refreshing and for the first time in 10months I laughed so much. I got hooked to your page. I never miss your class on Tuesday and book reading on Fridays. I learnt so much. When I eventually signed up for WEvolution coaching sessions it was another level altogether. At first I thought it will be all formal kind of thing and was a bit nervous. But Big Sis Gozie ( because that what she is to me now) made me to feel at home. My best part is that she loves God and is not ashamed to say it. It all round session touching my spiritual, physical, emotional, health and even my children. At the end of the session I got answers to many things bothering me, clarity of purpose, I am bolder, I love myself and I know I can do widowhood without compromising my values and standard. Coming across your post was not an accident it was God who directed me ,the class was one of my answered prayer.”

Mabel Obiudu.

“When I hear you talk ,I feel like I can make it as a widow despite the challenges ahead.i learnt to protect my space,I can forgive but it is also okay to keep my distance.I learnt that being a widow should not give you the entitlement spirit rather I should strive harder because no one owes me anything. To have the mentality of giving as a widow instead of receiving only. I also learnt from you to carry my kids along in the decision making because they matter too. I learnt not to look gloomy because I am a widow ,inshort I changed my wardrobe and upgraded myself. My personal slogan became”if I ever ,ever I let my head down it will be just to admire my shoes.” Ma’am the knowledge and wisdom that flow from you is beyond human wisdom. I introduced a friend that recently lost her husband to your page because I know it will help her in her journey and it will reset her mindset. Another great thing I learnt from you is to have an “accountability partner” and to have the “God factor ” in whatever I am doing.”

Adaobim Uchenna.

“The Wevolution Coaching program is a program I will recommend for anyone that is widowed if they truly want to be free from the cage of grief because there is more to grief than we can ever imagine. I am almost two years in the journey of widowhood but when I started this life transforming personalized coaching class, I realised that I am still in the cage where the devil intended to keep me but I thank God that I have escaped. I know a lot of pastors, they have prayed for me and counseled me but the truth is that everyone has he/her office(God’s given assignments). This class will revive you back to life because most of us that are widowed unconsciously die with our spouses or loved ones spiritually, mentally, emotionally etc. I am free spiritually, mentally, emotionally all thanks to this class. Thank you very much ma’am for answering this call.” 

Blessing Enwa

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