Widows aren’t people that are waiting to die and join their husbands!!

by Jan 26, 2021

Widows aren’t people that are waiting to die and join their husbands!! They are not just there!!! They are not miserable, sad-faced, disgruntled, bitter, senseless and aggressive women!!! They are great, talented, graceful, gorgeous, hardworking, diligent, intelligent, industrious, kind, and strong women who deserve everything good in life!!! To you they might not be grown, they might be disgraceful, overdo things, and below your standard and should not be admired or loved by any man!! And worse still, any man that is close to them is disgracing himself by chasing them around!!! Any respectable Igbo man that jokes and plays with them is termed a disappointment not just for doing so but for not advising them to behave like grown women. Grown women don’t fool around. Grown women don’t post photos on Facebook. Grown women sneak around inbox cutting down immature women. 

Grown women don’t crack jokes and don’t have male friends and if they dare refer to remarrying, inboxes are overflooded with messages calling them immature!!! May widowhood not fall on you!!!! I will not say Amen!!! But they must not live boxed in and moulded and re-moulded after the whims and caprices of folks who don’t know any better!!! Folks who can’t hold forth even with so-called husband alive!! It’s Friday evening and Chisom is grilling fish for her widowed mother to eat, give yourself a treat if you’re widowed and stop worrying about what any folk will either say to you or say to anyone close to you!!! Meanwhile, since you have a manual on how best to do widowhood, hand it over to us except you’ve got something else in mind???? Do you????

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  1. Zika M

    Sadly… what they wish them, they didn’t wish their daughters!!!

    Thanks for all you are doing for widows!!!

    • Mabel Obiudu

      Gbam! They should give us a manual.


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