Who Is Not In Your Camp?

by May 24, 2021

For each battle God raises an army to fight with you. If you understand this, you will not draw in anyone He didn’t sign up to fight a particular battle with you. The person isn’t equipped! Don’t take offense because they didn’t fight with you!! How will you know who’s to fight with you? He tells you if you’re sensitive enough to listen, he points them out. Think about this!!

Yeaaaaaaa!!! You get mad when you draw in the wrong person and they don’t fight as much as you expect them to fight. The ones signed up by the Lord fight along even when you are tired. They come up with winning strategies and you flow with it. #ExperienceSpeaks.

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  1. Zika M

    Lord Jesus may I not drag anyone, quarrel with anyone or feel hurt that anyone is not in my camp. You and your plans are sufficient for me.

    • Ozioma Onyemelukwe

      Very correct! Not everyone is supposed to be in your camp. I’m learning stop being unhappy with some folks when they don’t fight with me.

    • Ogana otiko lawretta

      God I need you in my camp always in Jesus name Amen

    • Gozie

      Zika, thank you so much for your comment. Yes, this understanding has helped me especially in the past 8 years and i have peace of mind when someone doesn’t identify with me or my cause. The right ones always come.

  2. ify gold

    Ma, you’re really doing good.may the good keep blessing you and may his oil 🛢 of goodness never dry on your path way.amen.

  3. Anuli

    God indeed “raises an army” in every battle of life. It just takes the spirit of discernment to recognise that.

  4. Ogonna

    This is so true, one cannot join your battle except one is appointed by God to do so.

    • Umeh Titilayo

      Deep insight here, ma’am.
      Oh! How we unnecessarily drag people to fight with us when they weren’t appointed by God to do so.

    • Gozie

      That appointment is important so they fight side by side. If not, we end up fighting with those who give out our battle strategies to our enemies.

  5. Mabel

    Exactly some are for a season or a particular purpose. Since I understood this principle I see things differently and I dont get angry with people when they dont get involve in my affairs.

    • Goz

      Once you have that understanding, you laugh when you’re expected to be angry at anyone who didn’t come close in your days of dryness. It makes life easier for one to understand this.

  6. Ifeoma Anselem

    I can personally relate to this battle issues… the battle I assume I know how to fight end up winning and frustrating me, but the ones I hand over to God drop down immediately even before I realise I am in a battle.

  7. Uzoamaka Duru

    This is for me. Father, I pray that you fill me with your spirit of discernment, that I may see your path at all times.

  8. Ifeoma Mendu Okeru

    I love this. It is so encouraging.


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