What do you see?

by Aug 17, 2020

In the midst of your turmoil and storm, what do you see? What you see determines how you will react or respond. While Pharoah ordered the death of children of Israeli origin, Moses’ mom had him and looked at him and saw a goodly child. She saw something in that child! When we go through ‘bad times’ how do we see it? Do we see it as the end of our lives or as an opportunity. Lazarus’ death was bad, even would have been more disappointing considering the fact that he was the friend of Jesus Christ, yet his friend who raised the dead could not stop him from dying. He could not even arrive while he was sick to heal him. To his family and the people, his death was a ‘bad’ incident. Was it really bad? Not everything that is labeled bad is bad. Some could be set up by God to manifest his power. What do you see when life becomes turbulent, rough and thought. What do you see when you suddenly loose a loved one, loose that job, your home or receive a devastating medical report from your doctor? What do you see? How do you respond? How do you react? Do you see a chance created for you to draw closer to God? What you see determined what you speak over that situation. I teach classes for the grieving and bereaved and I always remind them not to arm the devil with those words that could be used against them much later. Mind what you say when you’re passing through the storm and in the valley. In times of trouble, can you see the finger of God? Can you see the hand of God directing you’re life and navigating your steps? See the God Almighty who kept you alive. While Peter walked on water with his eyes on Jesus, he was good and as soon as he became afraid, he began to sink. Where are your eyes? Life is full of distractions all aimed at taking our eyes off God. 

We must strive to see what God sees. When God saw and called Gideon (through an Angel) in Judges chapter 6 as a mighty man of valor, Gideon had many reasons to proffer to the angel as to why he believed he was nothing near what he was called. He used the words ‘weakest’ and ‘least.’ Despite his belief, God saw him as a mighty man of valor and used him to fight and win the battle against the Midianites. Do you see yourself as others see you which could be different from how God sees you? In conclusion, pause and think about your present circumstances and your perception of it. Is what you see in agreement and alignment with what God sees? Do you trust him enough to see what he sees? What do you see? Align your lense with God’s lense so you see yourself how he sees you!

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  1. Zika

    Lord align my lense with your lense in Jesus name,Amen

  2. Mercy Oluchi

    Lord help me to see me, the way you see me in every situation.

  3. Mabel

    Few days after my loss I was sitting at the balcony of my house and was lost in thought and crying . My mother ( God bless her for me) came to me and starting speaking encouraging words to me. One of the thing she said to me is to look at the positive side of the situation. At that point I couldn’t comprehend it but now I know. My pain is my gain and I always said the same to my children to look at the positive side even though Daddy is no more with us physically.


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