Well, don’t wait till you are aboard the plane to do a self-check! Just do it!

by Aug 16, 2021

“We thank you for your attention and wish you a very pleasant journey with us.” When this is said at the closing of the safety instructions and departure announcements, a number of passengers become silent and some bow their heads, I believe, to pray. What takes place next is the taxing of the airplane to the runway for the take off. Passengers chose to read, chat with the next person, sleep off or even pretend to be asleep. At this point I often wonder what’s going through the minds of people. On my flight from Abuja to Calabar on Friday afternoon, I slept all through the duration of the flight. I had woken up earlier than usual to meet up with the flight out of Enugu.


hipPrior to sleeping off, I had thought about what life would be like for my household if we ended up in the ocean. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. Scary thought, right? I know we all don’t want to think about stuff like that but we should. It helps us to plan for the future of those depending on us and to also adjust our lifestyles. I thought about the bank accounts, those on mobile apps and those I am co-signatory with my children. I thought about my 8 year old and what would become her fate and also thought about projects I am handling. I remembered the bank account I had instructed the bank to make my son signatory to, which they didn’t do. I have decided to follow it through. I also thought about my life, my relationship with God and humans.

I thought about the widows whose lives I have made impact on and told myself that I wasn’t going anywhere yet. I thanked God for our safety on the flight and the success of the DREAMFO event and I closed my eyes and drifted. When we landed, I woke up, grabbed my bags and focused on the reason for my trip. I typed this on board Ibom air on my flight back to Enugu from Abuja.

A mild turbulence as we approached Enugu and for some passengers on the next row, that wasn’t mild. It was mild. I can not compare it to the turbulence I have experienced between JFK and Istanbul in December 2018 and Dubai to Lagos in 2010. Those left me drained! Well, don’t wait till you are aboard the plane to do a self-check! Just do it!

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  1. Peaceful Peace

    Hmmmm! Wow! Thank you so much for this inspired write-up. We need to be intentional about this life and plan for eventualities.
    God will keep us alive to fulfill purpose but having gone through the journey of widowhood and losing loved ones unexpectedly, we have to be wise.
    Much love💜❤️.

  2. Chinelo Nwosu

    As scary as it may sound, self check is 💯% necessary. Nice one ma’am.

    • Onwuka Awele Vivian

      Nice write-up Mama ❤️

  3. Halliday Esther Amaka

    Yea it may be scary but it is necessary we do self check thank you sis for this writeup

    • Naomi Lazarus-Igbani

      This is a deep wake-up call… Thank you for this piece as it just reminded me about certain provisions I intended making for my daughters and I keep putting them off.

  4. Zika M

    Facts!!!! A lot of people are dying intestate. Even God told Hezekiah to put his house in order. I am advised.

  5. Sarah Joseph

    Hmm…..I call this an “intentional Living”.
    Thank you for the wake up call and for being an inspiration to me all the time. THANK YOU!

  6. Gozie

    I appreciate everyone who stopped by. Your comments are most appreciated.


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