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by Jul 8, 2023

Grieving the tragic loss of a spouse could be the most traumatic, challenging and stressful incident in one’s life. If you’re here and recently lost your spouse, especially within this year, don’t force yourself out of the grief. Embrace and experience this pain, don’t sweep it under the carpet. Don’t act like it’s OK and please feel free to express your pain. Avoid the company of anyone who asks you to act like it’s not painful. Acting for how long?

Those who tell you not to cry, what exactly do they want you to do? If that’s how you can express your pain and shock, let the tears flow. Some in grief for years still cry. I, myself have reasons to cry it all out even after ten years of the loss and I do so. It doesn’t mean I have lost myself or my faith in God. Grief is like wave and can come over you out of something not even so relevant. You see?

Give yourself time. You lost someone dear to you. Don’t allow anyone hurry you out by comparing how you grieve with another’s. It’s actually none of their business how you grieve.

Now, read this again; please don’t allow your health to be compromised. Ahaaa!! You care less about the health and everything else? It’s normal but have it at the back of your mind that one day you would feel better than you’re feeling now and seek to live again. Imagine if by then you’re struggling to remain alive?
If you’re hypertensive or diabetic or have any form of ailment that requires routine medication and care, please keep to your routine. Don’t fail to check you BP or your sugar level and don’t even protest against this loss by going off your medication. You need them even more at this time.

This is a season! It is dark and gloomy but only for a short time. Darkness dissipates at the sight of light and there is light; only that you’re too overwhelmed to see it. That’s OK!

Whether you see it or not, the light is right there at the end of this dark tunnel of grief. When you see the light one day, you will smile and that day must come.

Feel free on this site to read up and ask questions. There is a large community of the widowed in this space and we watch out for one another. Even if you’re still ashamed and shy to show up, stay right where you are and read up and reach out to those you can. Do not isolate yourself! I repeat, do not isolate yourself.

You are loved and celebrated and just like I holding your hands to walk this path, one day, you will hold the hand of another widow.

You can click https://www.gozieudemezue.com/work-with-me/ and find out other ways I could possibly walk with you through this grief.


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