Learn to honor people so honor comes to you.

by Jun 1, 2021

Learn to honor people so honor comes to you. If you’re notorious for dishonoring people and you still seek honor for yourself, how does that work? When you have negative explanations for everything good in another person’s life, how does that make you feel? When you cover your mistakes and failures and run around dancing the macabre dance while sharing those of others, does that erode your numerous failings? When you go inbox to urge people to stop commenting on posts of folks you’re in unnecessary competition and war with. How much are those comments? Meanwhile, the persons you’re up against are almost oblivious of your existence beyond seeing your posts once in a blue moon here. When you play down other people’s products’ progress and tag their marketing, sales, and positive reviews as HYPE, does that make your bank account grow? When you minimize the Glory and honor of others, you call that being real and straight to the point, excuse me?? When you tag another’s lifestyle as packaging because in your wildest dreams you don’t believe anyone could live that way; positive, joyful, progressive and widely loved. So you label the life you dream to have as packaging. If it was packaging, why still ask God to bless you so you do those? When it’s others, it’s packaging and when it’s you, it’s a blessing, abi? Nakwa e check! When you slide inbox to raise campaign of calumny against fellow vendors and run down their business and degrade their person. Does that make you feel good? When you believe you’re perfect and everyone else is evil. So you have the license to prosecute, judge, and sentence them, you’re so gifted and doing well.

When you find a ‘but’ in a life that’s being honored and you highlight those and tell the world about the weakness of this life and downplay the strength you have even benefitted from, the devil should go to you for an apprenticeship. Yet you aspire to be honored in high places. Some honors will elude you because of the times you have dishonored others and shamed them behind their back while paying them tribute in public. Let’s all be mindful of what we do so we don’t rob ourselves of what we desire and pray for.

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  1. Ogana lawretta

    Word of life, God help me not to put out someone’s else light as it will not make me shine brighter in Jesus name AMEN.


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