Celebrating Life @ 50!

by Apr 18, 2021

One of the best decisions of my life was to celebrate myself on my 50th. Mmili often told me he would surprise me and blow my mind on my 50th. Well, he did, didn’t he! I made the choice to celebrate myself and I am shocked at the number of persons who rose and are still rising to join me in the celebration. If I had waited for anyone to throw me a ball and dance around to mark my 50th, folks will be and are so busy to pursue certain stuff like Gozie’s 50th when so much is staring at them. Not because they don’t like me, mbanuuuuu, who won’t like Goz nu, and not because they don’t want to, but because they have their own stuff to run after. This should tell you that because people aren’t relating or reaching out doesn’t mean they hate you, that word is too strong. It could be their own season to run alone and you just don’t feature in their tracks. Yes, it’s my 50th! Have I achieved all my goals? For where! I didn’t have to celebrate me but I am doing so. A choice I made consciously!
I have met folks who got mad because their friends didn’t celebrate them. That’s ok by your own standard but you should be more upset with yourself for not celebrating yourself. You wear your life shoes and know where it really pinches you and you hit your milestones and know how rough and tough the terrains are and were, why then will you allow yourself to wallow in regrets of stuff you should move away from? I wake up daily and count down to the 3rd. I look forward to the fun of having friends and family under one roof. It’s going to be my next party after my 18th which I celebrated in 1989 when I left high school. A couple of friends who were in attendance are here on my wall! Am I just docile and waiting for 3rd? Nope, I lined up stuff to do and I do them and most if not all are never posted here except for my photoshoot. If I didn’t post those pictures, what did I gain nu? I choose to make my days fun, I choose to thank God for these 50 years and I choose to love and honor myself. I made the choices!

Hi, I’m Gozie!

I am a Niche Coach and Master Mentor. I encourage, engage and equip others to believe in possibilities and create avenues to realize these possibilities.

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  1. Zika M

    Yes ohhhhhhh! May 3rd can’t come fast enough ohhhhhh!!! We must Celebrate you for being an Amazon, indefatigable and more so aligning yourself with your destiny. I am ironing my dress for that day!!!!

    • Ngozi Ndyba

      You’re an amazing woman.
      Thank you for everything ma.

      • NgoziChukwuka

        You made the right choice ma.


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